SIAYA: Police Station On The Spot For Allegedly Hiring Out Uniforms To Criminals

The Sigomere Police Station in Ugunja, Siaya County, is under probe for allegedly giving criminals police uniforms.

Felix Watakila, the deputy county commissioner for Ugunja, claims that they have information that some dishonest officers at the station have been aiding criminal activity by collaborating with criminals and even providing them with police uniforms.

The DCC admitted that they were aware that the officers had been renting police costumes to the criminal gangs for a fee of Ksh. 5,000 during a security baraza on Thursday at Sigomere Trading Center.

“If you can give citizens your uniform to conduct crimes for them to pay you, are you selling your country to criminals for Ksh. 5,000?, he asked, referring to the Sigomere Police Station.

“You are an enemy of the people and the country because you are taking part in crimes,” the speaker said. “Nitoe hii nguo yangu na kofia nipatie jambazi ili aniletee pesa.”

Because they cannot allow the vice to continue in any way, Mr. Watakila, who is also the head of the Ugunja Sub-County Security Committee, has thus ordered a complete overhaul of the officers at Sigomere Police Station.

He emphasized that the station needs entirely new faces, and he added that those who have stayed too long have been planning with criminals to intimidate the community.

“Wale askari wamekaa huku kwa muda mrefu, wako na mazoea ya ushirikiana na wananchi, wako na mazoea ya ushirikiana na wananchi…hatutakubali hiyo maneno, we can even eliminate all of them waende, he said.

The high level of insecurity, particularly in the Sigomere Trading Centre, where numerous stores have been broken into in the past month, a condition the DCC attributed to the discord among the local security officers, prompted the convening of the security baraza.

He has consequently urged cooperation among all the security officers, emphasizing that only through coordinated efforts will they be able to stem the rising rate of crime.

“A Chief, DO, and OCS are present. Who are you and what do you do, Kama Hamuezi Kufanya Baraza? OCS mmalize ujambazi wa Sigomere, DO shirikiana. Everyone should do their tasks, and as you all collaborate, I want the OCS and Deputy OCS to do the same “He said.

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