Siaya ODM Officials Now Tell DG William Oduol To Resign.

ODM party officials in the Alego/Usonga constituency have insisted they do not consider Siaya Deputy Governor William Oduol to be a member of their party, despite the Senate’s recent decision to save him from impeachment. and demand his resignation.

The ODM party’s Alego/Usonga branch Vice-Chairman Thomas Okoth Rondo led the officials in their argument that Mr. Oduol and his boss Governor James Orengo cannot cooperate given the ongoing disputes between them.

He reiterated that their attitude has not changed and said that in their opinion, the deputy governor had shown “total disrespect” to his employer. As a result, they decided to dismiss him from the party.

Speaking in Siaya town, Michael Otieno, the ODM party’s North Alego Ward chairman, and Seline Oyoo, the Women League branch organizing secretary, asked Mr. Oduol to leave due to his tense relationships with several people.

The move by Kenya Kwanza Senators to spare Mr. Oduol from impeachment even after the 11-member special committee upheld the Siaya County Assembly’s recommendation to have him impeached, according to ODM party’s Alego/Usonga branch organizing secretary Paul Jura, was a blatant sign that he has not been loyal.

Because he opted to represent the interests of ODM party rivals, according to Jura, who started a fight with his boss James Orengo, they have rejected him and will no longer count him as one of them.

When the deputy governor’s relationships with everyone, including the governor, MCAs, and even the party, were entirely destroyed, he questioned how he would carry out his obligations.

Jura asked Governor Orengo to think about giving someone else his deputy’s responsibilities instead of himself.

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