Siaya: DG William Oduol Denies Gross Misconduct And Abuse Of Office Charges

William Oduol, the deputy governor of Siaya County, has refuted all allegations made against him, including that he abused his office and flagrantly violated the constitution.

Oduol stated that there was no evidence to back up the three charges against him when he appeared before the special committee formed to look into his impeachment grounds. He also accused a segment of the executive of hatching a complex scheme to tarnish his reputation.

The committee is currently working against the clock since it must provide its conclusions to the House by this Thursday.

Oduol also alleged a witch hunt against his employer in front of a 14-member special committee on Tuesday, which was presided over by Yimbo East MCA Francis Otiato.

“For a good three months, I was in touch with our Governor James Aggrey Orengo on the loopholes and internal channels. In November and December, I spoke to him but sometime between January and February he had been trying to disengage from me, he was not consulting as was the norm and then the final nail in the coffin was when he returned people who were under investigation on Ksh. 600 million graft and that is when I started to talk,” he said.

Oduol, who spent nearly three hours in front of the committee, continued to refute claims that he had abused his position by being overbearing.

“I’ve been given the responsibility of looking at finance. How can I look at finance if I don’t communicate with accountants and other experts, get myself evaluated, and keep up with current events when we go to these things? Cross-coordination of ideas exists, he informed the committee.

The Special House Committee is looking into allegations made against Oduol of flagrant constitutional violations, misuse of power, and severe misbehavior.

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