Siaya Deputy Governor Oduol Expelled From ODM

The Siaya County ODM Party leadership decided to oust Siaya Deputy Governor William Oduol.

Following a meeting with delegates, Walter Okello, the organizing secretary for Siaya, announced that the party had decided to dump Oduol due to his lack of commitment.

“This meeting has unanimously resolved that the Siaya County Deputy Governor be compelled to rewsign from his position since he no longer subscribes to the ideals and aspirations of the party. The meeting has resolved that he be expelled, and is hereby expelled,” read a statement from the party.

James Orengo, the governor of Siaya, was present at the conference, which also considered filling other party positions where office holders had defected to UDA.

These resolutions come in response to a request for resignation from Oduol made by ODM’s Secretary for Political Affairs Opiyo Wandayi, who cited his “evidently toxic relationship” with Governor James Orengo.

The county’s ability to operate properly, according to Wandayi, could be affected by the impasse, and the provision of high-quality services cannot be assured.

“Hon. Oduol need to submit his resignation right away. Then Hon. Orengo would have the opportunity to nominate a successor with whom he can successfully lead the County Government of Siaya,” he stated.

Gordon Onguuru, a member of the Asembo East ward in the County Assembly, has sponsored a measure that will remove Oduol from office for alleged misuse of authority.

In a meeting of delegates today, the ODM party in Siaya came to the decision to dismiss deputy governor William Oduol from the organization on the grounds that he may have connections to the UDA party and may have undermined the efforts of the ODM party, which had appointed him to serve in that capacity in Siaya County.

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