Siaya County Assembly Special Committee Recommends DG William Oduol Impeachment.

The Siaya County Assembly’s special committee, which was set up to look into the reasons for the motion to remove Deputy Governor William Oduol from office, has advised that Oduol be impeached.

The committee deemed the claims of flagrant violations of the constitution and other laws to be true, according to its report, which was presented on the House floor on Thursday by Chairman Francis Otiato.

It claimed that evidence also supported the claims that bid manipulation interfered with the procurement processes.

Regarding allegations of abuse of office and severe misconduct, the committee stated that it had shown and so supported reports that officers had bulldozed structures to remodel the Deputy Governor’s office using funds from an approved budget.

The committee claimed that it had determined that the claims about abuse of public resources and bullying were true and hence established.

The Otiato-led team added that it had discovered the accusations made against the troubled DG of deceiving the public were also valid.

The committee advised the County Assembly to impeach the deputy governor after giving him a chance to be heard.

The report is currently the topic of a debate in the House.

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