Siaya: 30 Year Old Woman Kills Her Daughter, Mother And Commits Suicide.

File photo of police officers at a crime scene [Photo: Courtesy]

A 30-year-old lady is suspected of killing her daughter and mother, critically injuring her boyfriend, and then committing suicide on Tuesday night in Nyangera Kambajo village. The incident is being investigated by police in the Bondo sub-county of Siaya county.

The lady, known as Macrine Atieno, is accused of killing both her mother, Perez Anyango, 60, and her 10-year-old daughter before heading to her boyfriend’s residency and assaulting and critically injuring him. She then allegedly returned home and hanged herself.

Austin Bunde, the assistant chief of the Usire sub-location, believes that Atieno and her 35-year-old lover Kennedy Onyango have had arguments.

According to him, Atieno’s neighbors found her body hanging from a tree at her family home. When they went inside to tell her mother, they discovered her dead body laying in a pool of blood next to her granddaughter, who was also wounded with a machete, who was also covered in blood.

The boyfriend of Macrine, who resides on the same property, was later found to be in severe condition as a result of the alleged attack, Mr. Bunde continued.

When the police arrived on the scene, they took the bodies to the morgue of the Bondo sub-county hospital so that a postmortem examination could be performed.

The boyfriend is being treated in the same institution despite having lost a lot of blood.

The incident is currently the subject of police inquiry.

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