Several people said to have been killed in a new bandit attack in Kerio Valley.

Children are among the several people who are believed to be dead following a recent bandit attack in Kerio Valley. The attack on January 1 resulting in the theft of many animals.

In order to travel and evaluate the security situation in Kerio Valley, Rift Valley Regional Police Commander Tom Mboya Odero, who verified the attack, was compelled to leave a Ministry of Repentance and Holiness Church crusade led by Prophet David Owuor in Nakuru City early.

“I apologize for the interruption. I received an emergency call. I want to inform my supervisors about various issues in Kerio Valley, specifically the attacks. As I make my way to the tense area, I ask for your prayers, Mr. Odero stated.

Mr. Mboya declared: “I have a high title, but while I’m here, I’m a mortal. I feel fortunate and am more powerful than before.”

The attack was confirmed to Nation.Africa by a senior administrator in the regional security intelligence committee.

The officer stated, “According to reports we’re receiving, Pokot bandits have invaded certain settlements in Kerio Valley.”

“The strike follows a drone that the local governor launched. The bandits want to demonstrate that the provincial government and devolved unit are powerless to stop them,” according to the administrator.

The government ought to put an end to these robbers, he continued.

He claimed that the attack came after seven months of peace and tranquility in the unstable area.

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