Senior police officer opens fire after quarrel with a woman in Busia

A senior officer fired fire after arguing with a woman, according to an incident being investigated by police at Busia’s Adungosi police station.

Detectives claim that a Teso police officer opened fire twice in the air in Busia town after a confrontation with a woman.

A woman only known as Daisy was reportedly hot when the police officer entered the Didis club in the town during the Wednesday early incident.

According to a police report, the officer and his date placed an order for alcoholic beverages, which they drank as they passed the time of the evening.

The police report claims, in part, that Daisy “giggled occasionally to their private discussions while leaning on the cop’s shoulder, leaving him smiling with delight.”

Everything went smoothly in the bar in the Ugandan border town as other partygoers danced with their partners to slow Madillu rhythms that created the perfect atmosphere for a happy finish to cap off the Christmas celebrations.

As per the officers, everything was OK up until the woman got up from her table, allegedly to say hello to a friend who was having fun at a different table.

In contrast, the woman joined a male she knew who was seated at a nearby table for a brief conversation at around 2:30 in the morning, according to the police report.

The senior police officer paid for his drinks and stormed out of the pub in a fury, oblivious to the woman’s assurance that everything was in order.

The officer jumped into his car and started driving toward Amerkwai, taking the woman’s handbag with him, according to the report. The woman tried to pursue the commander and explain that things were not as he imagined, but her efforts “fell on deaf ears.”

The woman, who was on a motorbike, chased the police officer down on the Busia-Malaba route and demanded her handbag, blocking his car near Amerkwai.

The police pulled out his gun, a Jericho handgun filled with at least 15 rounds of ammunition, as soon as the woman and the manager got up to him and blocked his vehicle, sending them fleeing for their lives.

The senior officer claimed that when he opened fire, he believed that his life was under danger. Adungosi police officers were informed to the situation and hurried to the spot.

“However, the officer’s firearm was seized, and an inquiry file with the number 3/2022 was opened at the Adungosi Police station to conduct a thorough investigation. Babies are encouraged to minimize “vawulences,” the report continues.

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