Senator Uses Cows to Pay Election Agents

Hundreds of thousands of youth who earn some money during campaigns as well as serving as political party agents are typically laid off at the end of each General Election cycle.
However, 1,124 youth who worked as Political Party Agents for Migori Senator Edwin Gicheru Okech have reason to rejoice after receiving partial payment in the form of dairy cows.

Evans Ekai, 32, a teacher at K’Owuor Primary School in Nyatike Sub County, Migori County, and Henry Timba, 60, are among the first batch of 120 Polling Agents who received 60 cows as partial payment for their services as agents in the August 9th General Election from Migori Senator Eddy Gicheru Oketch.

During the August 9th General Election, the two who have since named the cow ‘Senator,’ were Senator Aketch’s Polls Agents at Mwache Primary School in Suna East, Migori County.

The agents and the senator agreed that if the cow gives birth in the future, the calf will be given to Timba because Ekai fully owns the mother cow.
The senator paid between Ksh10,000 and Ksh20,000 for the 60 cows. He claims that the ultimate goal is to provide cows to all 1,124 of his agents who worked in the county’s 1,107 polling stations during the August elections.

The partial payment in cows came after the party agents received an advance payment of Ksh3,000 each to help with transportation logistics before, during, and after the elections.

While the remaining Senator Aketch’s Party Agents patiently await their cows, Ekai and Timba are planning how to best rear their cow in the hopes that it will bring them economic value before the next election cycle.

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