Sakaja’s School Feeding Program Termed ”A Scandal” by Babu Owino

On Sunday, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino had a public argument. Owino then shifted the conversation to the Nairobi County school food program.

Babu asserts that Nairobi children have not benefited from Sakaja’s August start of the “Dishi na County” feeding program.

The MP argued that schools, not the county, should have been in charge of running the program, which was created to offer daily meals to public primary school and Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) students for a small price of Ksh.5 per day.

Additionally, he asserted that the initiative is causing delays in school schedules due to food supply delays brought on by transportation problems, characterizing it as nothing short of a scandal.

Given that the program has a budget, he inquired as to how the funds were used.

The ‘Dishi na County’ program was started by Governor Sakaja with the goal of giving daily meals to about 250,000 children in Nairobi.

Following evaluations by medical professionals at the level of the school or ECD center, special nutritional considerations for kids with health concerns were also included in the program.

“Each school should have well equiped kitchen and staff, Sakajas 10 kitchens cannot feed hundreds of thousands of learners in Nairobi, the ratio of kitchens to kids is ridiculous, but again someone who ran away from school and is using fake degree certificates cannot understand this simple facts.”

“Ksh.5 per day from each parent by 1000 parents in every school amounts to 5000/- per day by 22 active school days in a month=110000/- per month. There are 208 public primary schools in Nairobi so you get 110000 multiplied by 208=22,880,000/-. In one year this amount=12 times 22,880,000=274,560,000/-,” Babu stated in a tweet.

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