Sakaja: Youths will receive Ksh. 2400 each week for planting trees.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has stated that he intends to start a tree-planting campaign to give young people opportunities.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Governor Sakaja claimed that the program would replace the terminated Kazi Mtaani program and prevent children from engaging in criminal activity.

This coincides with a rise in criminal activity, particularly muggings, throughout the city.

The program will require the young workers to labor four days a week and earn Ksh 2,400 per week, with assistance from the Kenya Forest Services (KFS) and the National Government.

“Creating chances for our youth is what we do. While we have undoubtedly revised the Kazi Mtaani program, we are also launching a greening initiative with the KFS and the National Government “Sakaja stated.

These young people will be able to work four days per week, earn roughly Ksh. 2,400, and invest that money in worthwhile endeavors.

Sakaja also admonished criminals, saying that mugging citizens of the capital should not be the result of not having a source of money.

There are many people without jobs who are not criminals, he added, adding that this is not a valid defense for being a criminal.

He added that the county government has already begun the process of implementing security changes to aid in bringing the city back to peace.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure there are no dark areas in the city, and we are currently in contact with Kenya Power. Additionally, we have cleaned up several of our bridges where some of these illegal operations were planning to hide out “added he.

The reforms will be put into effect as quickly as possible, according to Sakaja, and people will “see action not just hear words.”

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