Sakaja Honors His Words By Rewarding Citizen Who Reported a Supermarket for Illegal Dumping


A citizen of Nairobi was given a reward by Governor Johnson Sakaja for recording and reporting an instance of illegal dumping.

Following a tip from a member of the public, the County head arrested officials from a well-known supermarket in Nairobi and had them charged with illegal dumping. Sakaja uploaded a series of images of the events on his Twitter feed on Friday.

According to Sakaja, the whistleblower has already received compensation.

Sakaja posted, “Snitches get riches,” in response to a Twitter user who praised his decision to reward the person who reported the incident.

In the past, Governor Sakaja has attributed the city’s garbage problem to the previous administration, claiming that Nairobi’s present waste problem is the product of mismanagement, unlawful dumping, and contractors who have stopped working because of outstanding debts totaling Ksh. 3 billion.

Sakaja claims that since taking office, his government has collected at least 70 tonnes of waste, and attempts are being made to find a long-term solution.

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