Sakaja Debunks allegations of Doubling Nairobi land rates.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has denied allegations that land rates in the city could quadruple beginning next year as a result of new asset value.

Sakaja was replying to a Friday editorial in a local news outlet that stated that the fees would not certainly double but would just increase modestly.

According to the Governor, the previous value was performed more than 40 years ago, necessitating a review of the valuation roll.

“No interest rates are doubling. We are just implementing the new valuation roll, with rates set at 0.115% of the unimproved site value. This means that there is only a modest increase from what residents have been paying. Stop deceiving people,” he said on Twitter.

The post referenced to property owners beginning in January paying a flat rate of Ksh.2,560 yearly for land less than 0.1 hectares and Ksh.3,200 for properties greater than 0.1 hectares but less than 0.2 hectares.

It quoted a City Hall memo that reportedly stated: “Exemption would be granted.” If the new rates are lower than the present rates, the current rates will apply; however, if the new rates are more than double the current rates, only the current rates will be levied.”

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