‘Ruto’s Push To Create Opposition Office Is a Plot To Tame Raila,’ Jalang’o

According to Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o, the effort to establish an Office of the Official Opposition by President William Ruto’s administration is a ruse to subdue Azimio-One Kenya leader Raila Odinga.

Since the Kenya Kwanza government is aware of Odinga’s power and prior accomplishments by hosting rallies, which they wish to control through the office, Jalang’o claims that they are being spiteful in their support for the position.

When it comes to influencing any political change in a nation and holding the government accountable, the MP claims that demonstrations and public meetings are more effective methods.

“Because I believe in the power of the streets, I oppose the establishment of the office. When you make things too official that suddenly there is an office, salary… these guys will tame Baba and am not for it,” he stated in an interview on Citizen TV’s Day Break Show on Friday.

“Any day, the streets are noisier than any government building. You’ve seen what the streets can accomplish; these are the same streets that fought for the Constitution we now have. Government checks and a great deal of public participation have changed a lot of things, and they will be utilized to try and control Baba.

The legislator continues by implying that the government’s action is also a covert effort to resurrect the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), which was originally sponsored by the Odinga-led group but later ruled to be unconstitutional.

He contends that significant suggestions in the program to which President Ruto’s camp vehemently objected included positions like the Prime Cabinet Secretary and the creation of official opposition seats.

The position of Musalia Mudavadi, for example, is a holdover from BBI. “It is not something you just wake up and create, these guys are just bringing back BBI in disguise,” he said. “It will come to parliament and knowing their numbers and how they are whipped, it will come to pass if it is something they really want.”

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