Ruto Inks Electric Vehicle Deal with Slovakia

Kenya’s ambition to progressively switch to e-mobility will benefit from a pact President William Ruto inked with Slovakia.

The President met with the president of Slovakia, Zuzana Caputova, and negotiated two significant agreements while in New York on September 18 for the UN General Assembly.

State House informed newsrooms that Ruto and Caputova had reached an agreement to purchase Slovakian innovative battery technologies, which will be used to power electric vehicles in Kenya.

“He also met Slovakia President Zuzana Caputova who committed to supporting Kenya’s E-mobility initiatives using their advanced e-battery technologies,” the statement read in parts.

President Ruto highlighted that Kenya is at a crucial juncture in developing its economy through international alliances with nations that have more cutting-edge technological capabilities.

Kenyans have expressed their outrage and irritation over the exorbitant cost of petroleum goods, and the President has been at the forefront of supporting e-mobility.

Ruto pointed out that Slovakia is home to several companies creating cutting-edge e-battery technologies, which are essential for Kenya as it prepares to switch to renewable energy.

Next-generation lithium-ion batteries for electric cars are being developed in Slovakia, and they are intended to be more energy-dense, last longer, and charge more quickly.

Solid-state batteries are among the sophisticated battery technologies that Slovakia is currently developing. In comparison to current lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries are anticipated to offer a number of benefits, such as greater energy density, longer life spans, and quicker charging times.

Other technologies include battery parts made of carbon fiber that are strong, lightweight, and perfect for use in electric vehicles.

Companies from Slovakia are renowned for developing battery management systems, conducting battery testing and validation, and recycling batteries.

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