Ruto: Government Will Deal Firmly With Bandits.

The government will forcefully deal with the bandits responsible for the insecurity in some of Kenya’s dry and semi-arid regions, according to President William Ruto.
The Head of State stated that the government hopes to make the Equalization Fund active in the regions on Monday during a meeting with representatives from pastoral communities.

The initiative strives to give underserved areas access to essential utilities like roads and water.

The President declared, “We will decisively and significantly engage the pastoral economy.”

Additionally, President Ruto asked the area to cease electing leaders based on their clans and start doing so instead based on their vision, objectives, and development credentials.

Following a similar proclamation from Interior Cabinet Secretary Kindiki Kithure, who described banditry as a “crime against humanity,” the president issued his own proclamation.

He stated that banditry “has adopted not only an economic component but continues to take new dimensions and it is seeming that what is happening in the Northern section of this country may very well constitute crimes against humanity.”

Kindiki stated that the criminals, financiers, and beneficiaries in their supply chain would be destroyed by the government.

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