Ruto And First Lady Hold Meeting With Governors’ Spouses

At Nairobi State House on Friday, President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto hosted a breakfast for county first spouses.

The conference reaffirmed the significant contribution first spouses make to improving their communities.

First women were tasked by Mama Rachel Ruto to brainstorm methods to assist governors and their governments.

She urged them to lead efforts to promote financial literacy among women in their counties through table banking, assisted by Joyful Women Organization’s County-based Economic Empowerment Officers, and to adopt a forest in their respective counties as part of the Office of the First Lady’s goal to plant 500 million trees.

She also suggested a food exchange program whereby first spouses from areas with ample food would aid their counterparts in drought-stricken districts.

The Office of the First Lady will provide technical support and mentoring to initiatives initiated by the county’s first spouses through “Mama Doing Good” and its partners.

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