Rioting as students at Machakos University protest a student’s death

After a student who was allegedly injured by a stray gunshot during protests on Monday died on Wednesday while undergoing treatment at the Machakos Level 5 hospital, students at Machakos University went on the rampage.

Ground transportation was halted and shops along the main Machakos-Wote Road were forced to close as a result of the protests.

As the disturbances expanded to Machakos town, other images collected by also revealed a significant anti-riot police presence.

A policeman who was part of the team assigned to restore order is reportedly in severe condition at Machakos Level 5 Hospital after being attacked by rioting students.

As a result of the death of a student who was attacked by thugs on his way home and passed away at the Kenyatta National Hospital, students have highlighted a growing sense of fear as the root of their growing concern.

An unintentional bullet reportedly struck a second student in the stomach as they were demonstrating in Machakos on Monday.

Following the incident on Monday, Police Corporal Michael Mulwa, the officer who discharged the weapon, is already in police custody.

After intercepting a student from Machakos University, reportedly beating him, and taking his phone, two other police officers were detained.

However, “his roommate narrowly managed to escape the attack and ran flight screaming, drawing neighbors who just so happened to be university students,” according to a statement released by DCI on Monday.

The frantic calls were eventually answered by on-site students, who freed the attacked student.

The two police officers tried to run after returning the stolen phone, but they were unsuccessful since Machakos police officers had already arrived and taken them into custody.

The two will be held in jail by the police in Machakos while they await arraignment.

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