Revealed: The Big Position Mudavadi Will Hold In Ruto’s Gov’t

Musalia Mudavadi (right) and William Ruto. PHOTO: COURTESY

Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula were the two main allies of William Ruto during his campaigns. The two joined the United Democratic Alliance party and came up with the Kenya Kwanza coalition which later attracted other parties. In the contract that the three leaders signed Wetangula and Mudavadi were promised top positions in Ruto’s government.

Moses Wetangula has already received his share of the deal after he was elected as the speaker of the National Assembly. As Ruto continues to plan his government details have emerged that Mudavadi will be offered one of the big positions in the Ruto-Gachagua government.

According to a revelation by Amukowa Anangwe, Mudavadi will be offered the Prime Cabinet Secretary position in the government.

This will be a big position in the government and he will have a big influence in the coming government. Ruto also promised Mudavadi that 30% of his government will be a share of Western Kenya.

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