Relief For Kawira Mwangaza As She Survives Impeachment

Kawira Mwangaza, the Embattled governor of Meru, has withstood the Meru County Assembly’s attempt to remove her.

This is in response to the 11-member Senate Special Committee’s Friday report, which found that none of the allegations made against the Governor by the Meru MCAs were validated as grounds for her impeachment.

Senator Boni Khalwale, the chair of the committee, said in front of the Senate that the committee had unanimously decided to drop Kawira’s impeachment charges.

The Senate’s Speaker, Amason Kingi, decided that there would be no more discussion of the investigation’s conclusions because they were in accordance with the committee’s findings and the Senate’s standing rules.

“Honorable Senators, the committee has determined that none of the charges made against the Governor are true. Therefore, the issue of the Meru Governor’s impeachment has been resolved. We cannot pretend to discuss the report because the committee that produced it was an offshoot of this House, and thus, the Senate “The Speaker stated.

The Senate has declared itself functus officio as a result of that report, he said, so you cannot dispute your own choice.

Governor Kawira spoke in front of the Special Committee during the proceedings on her impeachment and refuted all 62 charges brought against her, including abuse of authority, nepotism, and improper appointments, as well as flagrant violations of the constitution and other local laws.

Kawira’s fate would have been decided by a vote of the House’s members if the Special Committee had upheld her impeachment.

But now that the impeachment has been overturned, Mwangaza is back to doing her job as the third governor of Meru County.

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