Raila threatens to sue Ruto over his comments on “1982 Coup”

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party, has threatened to sue President William Ruto for defamation.

The leader of the opposition claimed that the president had been continuously damaging his name with claims of the failed coup in 1982, which occurred under the administration of the late President Daniel Moi, while staging public rallies on Thursday in Nakuru County.

Odinga clarified that the court absolved him of all charges due to a lack of evidence after the government initially prosecuted him and imprisoned him for six months.

As a result, Odinga insisted that he would not be intimidated into abandoning the organized mass protest by the current administration.

The Azimio leader’s comments came a day after President Ruto cautioned him not to hold the planned Azimio nationwide protests on Monday of the following week.

The head of state reprimanded Odinga, telling him that he would not be tolerated to “blackmail” the nation and advising him to speak with police about the upcoming protests.

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