Raila: Reject President Ruto’s GMO maize

Kenyans have been urged by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to vehemently oppose the President Ruto administration’s plan to import foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

At a press conference on Sunday, Odinga stated that the move abandons the seeds, soils, and ecosystems of Kenyan farmers for the advantage of foreigners and their corporations.

”It is a betrayal of our people and of our nation. To appease foreign interests, the UDA government will force harmful and unproven foods on Kenyans,” Said Odinga.

Odinga warned of the decision’s negative effects and accused the Ruto cabinet of making it without consulting the public.

He continued by saying that rather than representing Kenya, the Ruto administration was working as a puppet for foreign firms.

No scientific study, according to Odinga, has demonstrated that eating GMO crops will be advantageous for the country, and the President ought to have allowed Kenyan colleges to carry such research.

We ask the government to provide the studies that it is using to justify bringing us GMOs, he said.

He continued, “GMO is a new sort of colonialism that will make us dependent on other countries.”

According to Odinga, GMOs can completely eradicate indigenous and natural crops, making Kenyans dependent on seeds and food produced by global GMO corporations.

President Ruto was then pushed by him to make use of the institutions to create crops that can endure climate change.

The Trade CS Moses Kuria was also urged by the ODM party leader to retract his comments about GMO foods and deaths.

“We demand an apology from Kuria and the UDA administration to the Kenyan people. Officials who are ignorant of the science behind such important issues must never use their position to denigrate the Kenyan people by portraying us as a weak, enslaved people, he urged.

Moses Kuria, the government’s spokesperson, declared on Thursday that both GMO and non-GMO maize will be able to be imported duty-free for the ensuing six months.

During his second cabinet meeting in October, President William Ruto reversed a 10-year ban on the importing or growing of genetically modified crops (GMOs) in the country, ushering in a new era for the country’s shaky agriculture sector.

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