Raila comments on the proposed change to establish an office for the opposition leader


Azimio la Umoja’s leader, Raila Odinga, has voiced opposition to President William Ruto’s intention to change the constitution to establish the position of opposition leader.

The constitution-amending proposal from Ruto’s administration, according to Raila, “undoubtedly tries to re-introduce the same items that the Building Bridges Initiative had urged for many months,” she said in a statement on Sunday.

Despite his resistance to the BBI, Ruto, according to Raila, is now copying Kenyans’ opinions and presenting the ideas as his own.

Raila remarked, “Everything Mr. Ruto has stated in his memorandum would be law right now if he had been honest about the BBI recommendations.

Even though the suggestions are similar to those in the BBI, according to Raila, they cannot be tabled or handled by the National Assembly in the same manner.

Raila continued, “He must adhere to the same demands that he made of the BBI process.

He also questioned how President Ruto would respond to the same issues he had brought up in relation to the BBI.

According to Raila, the court decided that a president in office cannot propose a constitutional modification.

In reference to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the petition for a vote, Raila stated that “any suggestions for Constitutional modifications must begin with the people.”

The interests of the common mwananchi must be the main focus of the revisions.

Raila further asserts that choices for how to react to President Ruto’s “about-turn” will be decided following his return from his trip to the United States and following consultation with the Azimio leadership, the legal team, and the Kenyan populace.

After President Ruto suggested that Parliament take into account changing Chapter 9 of the Constitution to establish the position of official leader of the opposition, whose duties will be detailed in following laws passed by the House, Raila made his comments.

According to the President, such a position would institutionalize governance, improve supervision, and boost democracy throughout the nation.

In order to improve Parliamentary supervision of the Executive, Ruto also suggests amending the standing rules of the House of Representatives to let Cabinet Secretaries or Chief Administrative Secretaries to take part in legislative sessions.

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