Raila: Be Ready For Countrywide Protests.

Raila Odinga, the head of the Azimio La Umoja opposition coalition, has urged Kenyans to be prepared for widespread protests if the government ignores pleas to lower the cost of living.

Speaking to residents of the Nairobi-based Gusii Community at Chungwa House on Wednesday, Mr. Odinga claimed that the President William Ruto administration was ignoring Kenyans, including the alleged hustlers who voted for them in the previous election.

Together with his colleagues in the Azimio La Umoja Coalition, the opposition leader announced on Thursday that he would address the nation on the contentious Finance Bill 2023 and “blow the trumpet” to show Kenyans the way forward.

“They want to table the controversial bill in parliament tomorrow for the second reading and then have the Treasury CS present the budget statement on Thursday next week. They are determined to have it passed, but Kenyans will resist”, he said.

The Azimio leader claimed that eight months into the Kenya Kwanza administration, Kenyans are fatigued because they have endured greater suffering than ever before under previous regimes.

“Kenyans are hurting. They are suffering. They came to power through the backdoor when they were not ready to govern and now want to pour their inefficiency on poor Kenyans”, he said.

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