Prison warden serve a three-year jail term for aiding convicts escape prison and forgery.

A prison warden who was accused of encouraging inmates to escape from Maralal GK Prison was jailed by a Maralal court.

Zacheus Tirop, the officer, was ordered by Maralal Senior Principal Magistrate John Tamar to pay a fine of Sh970,000 or face a three-year jail sentence.

Zacheus Tirop was found guilty by the court on multiple charges, including assisting prisoners to escape their cells and falsifying court records in violation of section 351 of the penal code.

Additionally, Mr. Titop was found guilty of asking a prisoner serving a three-month sentence for a payment of Sh9,830 in exchange for fabricating a court fine receipt that was used to help prisoners escape.

Tirop was also accused of helping other inmates get out of the prison on several days after receiving payments between Sh10,000 and Sh50,000.

When Mr. Tirop was initially charged in the same court in 2018, he vigorously refuted all of the allegations. The prosecution, however, had fairly strong evidence to show that the officer had been involved in helping prisoners in Maralal GK prison, the court noted.

As the father of four children and the family’s primary provider, Mr. Tirop pleaded with the court to impose the lightest penalty possible on him in his mitigation. He also admitted to the court that he frequently spends money on treating his daughter, who has a chronic illness and requires monthly medication.

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