Primary Suspect in Case involving Baby Sagini’s Gouged-Out Eyes Arrested In Kisii

The primary suspect in the incident in which unidentified assailants brutally gouged out 3year-old-Junior Sagini’s eyes  in Kisii County has been apprehended.

On Sunday night, Alex Maina Ochoki, 26, was detained at the Marani police station after being taken into custody by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Today, December 19, Ochoki is scheduled to appear before the Kisii law courts, where DCI agents intend to ask for detention orders to clear the way for additional inquiries.

The mother of little Sagini, Maureen Nyaboke, 28, has also been detained and will be charged with child neglect.

Three further suspects who were involved in the incident—a middle-aged guy, a lady, and a form 3 student from a nearby school—were questioned for ten hours before being freed on Sunday night.

After being abducted on Wednesday night, Baby Sagini was found on Thursday with his face splattered in blood at his family’s banana farm.

The child underwent surgery and is now recovering in the general department at the Kisii Eye Hospital.

In an effort to save Sagini’s sight, doctors desperately operated on him, but in vain. According to doctors, the tragedy left the toddler blind.

They claim he is prepared for discharge, but they are unable to do so at this time due to the hazardous environment created by the current investigations.

Residents of Ikuruma village, who are still in shock over the extent of cannibalism committed against them, claim they fear for the safety of their children and have locked them away as Christmas celebrations draw near.

As they question further witnesses and retrace Sagini’s last few movements before being taken that fateful evening, the Police will continue their investigations.

In Ikuruma village, investigators searched Sagini’s home for any other possible exhibit traces and took a metallic rod for analysis.

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