President Ruto Declares: Nyanza Will Not Be Left Behind.

In addition to starting new development projects in Nyanza, President William Ruto has promised to finish those started by his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta during the previous administration’s “handshake” era.

President Ruto, who is currently on a two-day visit to the Nyanza area, declared that the country has changed for the better following the August 9th presidential election and that he would ensure fair sharing of the nation’s wealth no matter the results.

Five months after the general election, Ruto’s trips to Nyanza were laden with political symbolism.

The four counties of Kisumu, Siaya, Homa Bay, and Migori did not follow his hustler political lead and voted virtually unanimously in favor of Raila Odinga, his main rival in the race for the presidency and leader of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party.

“We voted nearly 100 per cent for Azimio and we are Baba’s people, but we thank you that you have agreed as the President of the nation to come together with us so that we can develop our country moving forward,” said Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua stated: “Umesema nyinyi ni watu wa Baba na ni kweli, kwani Baba ni wa nani? Ata sisi Baba ni wetu, na kama Baba ni wetu na nyinyi ni watu wa Baba, ata nyinyi ni watu wetu. Sisi hatuna issue na Baba, uchaguzi imeisha.”

President Ruto on his part noted: “Unajua Agwambo huko kwetu alipata 28%, kwa kina Rigathi alipata 25%… hapa mlinipatia 1%.”

Revisiting of the August 9th presidential election voting pattern in Odinga’s political stronghold of Nyanza area served as an ice breaker.

“We agree that the people of Nyanza are citizens of Kenya by right, and it is not a favour that because we pay taxes, we are citizens of this republic, and you have done well to come and talk to us, even though najua kura tulikupatia kama apuoyo (rabbit)…lakini hata hivyo ukaamua kuja kwetu,” said Homa Bay Senator Moses Kajwang.

President Ruto retorted: “Mimi naona kama Kajwang hajasema vizuri, amedanganyana… kwa sababu ile nilitoka nayo hapa sio apuoyo (rabbit), ni oyieyo (rat).”

The debut of a scheme to build affordable homes was the focus of President Ruto’s visit to Homa Bay County.

The 5,000 homes being built are intended to address the county’s housing shortage and improve the economic situation of the lakeside county.

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