Pope Francis: Do Something Good This Christmas.

During his sermon at the Christmas Eve Mass Saturday in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, Pope Francis urged people to “do something kind” this holiday season.
The Pope stated that “God does not seek appearances, but concreteness.”

May we ensure that this Christmas is spent doing good.

Francis had earlier this month urged people to donate money to those in Ukraine rather than spend as much on Christmas gifts.

To help Ukraine over the winter, the Vatican has established a web page for donations and partnered with an Italian crowdsourcing platform.

Over 188,000 euros ($200,000) have already been donated to the Italian crowdfunding website www.eppela.com. According to the Vatican, donations are being accepted through early January.

Due to a persistent knee issue, Francis spent the majority of the mass sitting down. He also spoke of children who are “devoured by war, hunger, and injustice” and who are victims of “a world insatiable for money, power, and pleasure.”

Whatever their circumstances in life, the Pope urged individuals to have a stronger connection to God.

He stated, “God was born in a manger so that you could be reborn right where you thought you had reached rock bottom.

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