Police to begin a crackdown on vehicles & motorcycles with sirens and LED bars.

Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso addressing the press. [Photo | Courtesy]

The National Police Service has begun a widespread campaign to stop cars, trucks, and motorcyclists from breaking the law by mounting unauthorized lights and sirens.

Enforcement personnel will pursue legal action against drivers and riders who break the law by using the aforementioned “illegal” lights, according to a statement released by NPS on Friday.

Modified illuminating lights, red lights, opaque rear lights, flashing, flickering, LED illuminating bars, and unauthorized red and blue lights are among the illegal lights.

According to a statement from NPS Spokesperson Bruno Shioso, “The National Police Service observes that several private vehicles, public service vehicles, and motorcycle owners have: unlawfully equipped lamps, modified illuminating lights, red lights, opaque rear lights, flashing lights, flickering lights, LED illuminating bars, unauthorized sirens, and unauthorized red and blue lights.”

“All traffic enforcement officers around the nation have been instructed to impounded and charge owners of motor vehicles/motorcycles in compliance with relevant legal regulations.”

NPS also asks drivers to check that all new, commercial, and tour vehicles have valid licenses.

The licenses in question, according to NPS, are road service permits, tour service permits, and motor vehicle inspection stickers. Driver and conductor PSV credentials are also required.

NPS urges drivers to follow the rules, saying that doing so will assist to prevent accidents and safeguard other road users.

“The aforementioned is against the law, threatening the lives of road users…

In order to avoid any hassles, it is suggested that all car owners follow the law’s requirements through this, said Shioso.

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