Police Recruit Arrested at Kiganjo College for Attacking and Hurting His “Boss”

A police trainee at Nyeri County’s Kiganjo police College is in jail after it is claimed that he injured his squad leader with a slasher while attacking him.

Imbenzi Paul, the recruit, is believed to have committed the crime on Friday of last week, just two months before the end of his training.

Imbenzi was assigned a cleaning task inside the facility’s compound, but the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) claims he disobeyed his superior’s instructions and engaged in an altercation.

Then, he allegedly went for the firearm and struck his superior in the head.

According to the DCI, Imbenzi Paul’s problems began after he disobeyed his squad leader’s orders to gather litter during last Friday’s morning fatigue.

“A brief disagreement followed, and then, in a shocking episode that stunned the entire college, the suspect grabbed the crucial course man’s tool for cutting tall grass and injured the squad leader’s head.”

The suspect was subsequently expelled from college and is currently being held at the Kiganjo Police Station while being arraigned. The incident’s killer was preserved as an exhibit.

The DCI added that the injured officer was later released after getting treatment at the college pharmacy.

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