Police: Azimio’s Monday Protests Are Unlawful.

According to the National Police Service (NPS), the Azimio la Umoja protests scheduled for Monday are illegal.

Adamson Bungei, the Nairobi police chief, said in a press conference on Sunday that the coalition had not met the requirements to be given permission to hold the protests since their submissions were past due.

Commander Bungei cited sections from Chapter 56 of the Public Order of 2012 to support his claim that Azimio should have submitted their request at least three days earlier.

“Azimio and the Nairobi business sector both asked us to hold protests tomorrow. One was late last night, and the other was this morning. Both were refused because they did not meet the legal requirements, and they were informed in writing of this “Bungei stated.

A public meeting or public procession must be announced to the regulating officer at least three days but no later than fourteen days prior to the intended date, according to Section 5 of the legislation.

Nonetheless, the head of the Nairobi police warned those who would take part in the demonstrations against generating chaos and disorder and reaffirmed that anyone found to have violated the warning will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Hence, he advised the demonstrators to maintain peace and tranquility while moving through the city, warning that security personnel would not be tolerant in taking action against those who disregarded the warning.

The constitution and all other applicable legal frameworks should be followed by everybody who participates in the scheduled demonstration, he stated.

We warn that anyone who violates the law while the march is in progress will face severe consequences.

He also dispelled worries about unrest.

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