Police and microfinance officers recovering a motorcycle from a loan defaulter attacked by boda boda riders.

A file photo of a police officer and a rider in a past boda boda operation [Photo | Courtesy]

In Kitale town, Trans Nzoia County, pandemonium broke out when a mob of boda boda riders attacked a team from a microfinance institution that was attempting to seize a motorcycle from a loan defaulter. Two police officers were hurt during the disturbance.

The defaulter was among a group of riders at a Boda boda shed on Tuesday, according to the police, and the microfinance employees allegedly tried to take the motorcycle from him forcibly.

The motorcyclists and the police got into a physical altercation after the police allegedly tried to take the defaulting rider’s ignition keys.

According to a police report from Tuesday, “they accused the microfinance management of being haughty and out of touch with the prevailing business reality.”

Police officers stationed at the adjacent Veterinary patrol base noticed the disturbance and responded right away to try to settle things down.

The riders, however, resisted the officers and stoned them, requiring the officers to fire two rounds into the air to scatter them.

No arrests related to the event have been confirmed by police.

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