Poacher arrested by KWS rangers after gunfight.

In El-maow, Wajir East, on December 20, a suspected poacher was hurt during a gunfight with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers.

Residents reported hearing gunshots in the neighborhood to KWS around 8 am, and rangers were then sent to the scene. The incident then happened.

Three suspected poachers were present when the rangers arrived at the area; two of them were armed and shot at them. One of the alleged poachers was hurt by the rangers’ fire, who subsequently sent him to Wajir Referral Hospital for treatment.

KWS claims that in addition to the injured poacher, an adult male giraffe was also murdered there and found to have been partially skinned.

A joint team of KWS and the National Police Service seized a Caribbean rifle, a phone, daggers, live ammunition, and spent cartridges of various calibers at the area, according to a wildlife service statement.

The giraffe’s body will be subjected to a post-mortem examination by a veterinarian from KWS.

The wildlife agency warns people to avoid buying unlawful bush meat since doing so puts them at risk of contracting fatal zoonotic diseases including coronaviruses and anthrax.

The injured suspect, who is in stable condition in the hospital, will likely be charged in court when he heals.

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