[PHOTOS] ANOTHER Kikuyu Gospel Artist EXPOSED By Facebook Blogger KAMAU WATORIA

Allan Aaron, the artist of the Kiriro hit, has been exposed as a pulpit burglar after it was discovered that he is ‘kept’ by a ‘Mumama’ of Kenyan descent located in the United States of America.

Allan Aaron is dating Reverend Ray Wambui, claims Facebook whistleblower Kamau Watoria, who has been outing renegade Kikuyu gospel musicians.

She supposedly has wealth and manages a church in the US.

She has been paying Allan Aaron’s rent of Ksh 30,000 per month, and in addition to that, she is responsible for paying Allan Aaron’s other bills because his music career has failed and left him penniless.

As soon as Allan Aaron got his divorce from his wife, he began dating Reverend Ray.

The blogger claimed that because the woman takes care of all of the singer’s requirements, he spends the most of his time sleeping.

Here are photos of Reverend Ray Wambui, often known as Ray Beauty, who is allegedly Allan Aaron’s “Mumama.”

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