Petty offenders and reformed inmates to be released by gov’t in an effort to decongest cells.

The Ministry of Correctional Services has released plans to decongest prisons and so improve the conditions there.

Mary Muthoni, the State Department of Correctional Services’ Principal Secretary Ministry, stated that the department is collaborating with the judiciary to ensure that minor offenders receive non-custodial service so they can continue to contribute to the nation’s economic development.

The PS indicated that most prisoners will be released by the power of mercy on Thursday at the Mwea prisons, and he added that most prisoners might be released by the end of the year through clemency.

She suggested that it would be bad for the agency to continue housing many offenders in Kenyan jails.

Prison populations in Kenya are currently overcrowded.

Prisoners serving lengthy sentences who can show they have changed their ways as well as those imprisoned for minor offenses will be released.

According to the PS, the decongestion would let resources to be focused on enhancing circumstances for those who are still incarcerated.

Muthoni continued by saying that they have a strategy to reconsider the wellbeing of prison guards who operate in Kenyan jails by elevating them.

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