Party Animal? Worry not… the hangover pill is here

Do you find yourself asking for all manner of soups to beat your hangover or taking a painkillers to relieve your headache?

Worry not, scientists have now come up with a hangover prevention pill that clears the head morning after a night out by rapidly breaking down alcohol in the body.

According to results released yesterday, the Myrkl pill, the first pill, broke down 70 per cent of alcohol consumed within an hour, relieving the revellers of the symptoms.

The pill going for £30 (Sh4, 300) for a pack of 30 capsules is being sold in the UK and is taken in a double dose at least one hour before drinking for maximum effect.

The capsules remain effective for up to 12 hours, meaning there is no need to take more than two capsules per day.

From the findings, those who drank two glasses of wine and took the supplement before drinking had on average 50 per cent less alcohol in their blood after 30 minutes, and 70 per cent less after 60 minutes, significantly reducing the impact on the body.

The formulation was developed after 30 years of research by the Swedish medical company De Faire Medical (DFM).

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