Owners of 43 City Clubs Arrested after Noise Pollution Warnings Issued

43 clubs and eateries have received a warning from the Nairobi County government for noise pollution.

This comes after Governor Johnson Sakaja took action to control municipal nightclubs in response to a public outcry over noise pollution.

All nightclub licenses in the capital’s residential zones were revoked last week by Governor Sakaja, who said that his administration would no longer be issuing new licenses or renewing those already in place.

City Hall claims to have conducted a noise evaluation of the city’s numerous businesses and has just published a report alerting entertainment venues that were deemed to be at fault.

According to the county government, the 43 had noise improvement orders delivered to them and their managers or owners had been detained.

On Monday, President William Ruro promised Governor Sakaja that the national government will assist in the effort to ban nightclubs from operating in residential areas.

In addition to concerns about the clubs’ noise pollution, city hall reported receiving reports of incidents of violence, verbal abuse, glass breakage, and certain clubs’ admission of minors.

The complete list of clubs that the county administration has indicated:

1.    Oysterbay bar

2.    909 Lounge

3.    Quiver Lounge

4.    Barizi club

5.    Club 1824

6.    Pistop club

7.    Claret

8.    Egesa Villa

9.    Onyx

10.  Gucci Bar (Former Uptown Grill)

11.  Amazon Park M

12.  Cliques Lounge

13.  Oaks & Corks

14.  Ferrero

15.  Unnamed Miraa kiosk Menelik road, Kilimani

16.  Victoria Breeze

17.  The kettle House

18.  Empire Lounge

19.  Casa Vera Lounge

20.  Roadhouse Grill

21.  Blackyz Lounge

22.  Gemini Bistro

23.  Cigars & Booze

24.  Eltaju Bistro

25.  Cloud Twenty

26.  Cavalli Lounge

27.  Hera Aqua Gardens

28.  Zinque Tavern

29.  Joanna’s Kitchen

30.  City Ranch

31.  Miale Lounge

32.  Eltajau Bistro

33.  Ashaki Bar and Grill

34.  Cloud 20

35.  Fine Breeze Grill

36.  iBury Lounge

37.  The Bar Next Door

38.  Claret Lounge

39.  Quiver Lounge

40.  Barizi Lounge

41.  Egesa Lounge

42.  909 Lounge

43.  Oyster Bay

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