Opiyo Wandayi: Azimio MPs present at President Ruto’s meeting could face disciplinary action

In spite of President William Ruto’s attempt to invade Raila Odinga’s forces, the Azimio La Umoja coalition party is now threatening to take action against disloyal Members of Parliament.

Opiyo Wandayi, the minority leader, made the announcement on a day when President Ruto met with nine ODM lawmakers at the State House. This could be a blow to Odinga’s persistent position of not acknowledging Ruto’s election victory.

A mandatory meeting of the Azimio coalition’s National Assembly members has been scheduled for Thursday, and party leaders will be present.

“As we prepare for the National Assembly’s second session, we will take use of that chance to count our forces. In order to assess the progress we have achieved and any potential losses we may have sustained since we left on the extended break, we must constantly check in on the troops to see if they are still intact. Wandayi emphasized this.

Wandayi stated that it is not required to attend any of the current political gatherings, but Thursday’s meeting is a must-attend.

“We have been quite clear that we want every Azimio MP to be present. Of course, there may be circumstances that are out of our control, but we want everyone to be there, and we will treat each case on its own merits. We can’t assume that everyone who doesn’t show up is disobeying,” he said.

MPs who were present for the meeting with President Ruto earlier today, however, have rejected accusations that they are disobeying their party’s leader.

Bondo MP Gideon Ochanda said, “We went to follow up on the talks we had when President Ruto visited Nyanza, and he has told us that the initiatives we discussed will be done.”

Ochanda stated there was no talk of politics during the early morning gathering and even said there would be a follow-up meeting the following week.

“It’s false to say that we are rebelling against the party; all of our conversations have been about development, not politics, and we will be there at the Parliamentary Group meeting. We will continue supporting our party because politics and development are two distinct things, Ochanda remarked.

The Kenya Kwanza coalition, according to the ODM party, has begun using stolen money to dupe some of its elected representatives in an effort to thwart their actions. This has led to the MPs who attended the meeting with President Ruto receiving harsh criticism from the party.

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