Nzioka Waita Announces Break From Politics.

Nzioka Waita, a former contender for governor of Machakos County, has decided to step away from electoral politics.

Waita, who previously served as former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s chief of staff, made the news on social media on Friday. He claimed he was doing so in order to concentrate on his own personal growth and development.

“As the New Year beckons, I will be taking a break from politics to focus on my personal & professional growth. I will continue to contribute to our nation’s development and well-being as a private citizen,” Waita Twitted.

In the August elections, Waita, who was running on the Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU) party ticket, received 129,181 votes, falling short of Wiper’s Wavinya Ndeti who won with 226,609.

After the elections, Waita openly admitted loss and congratulated Wavinya on her victory as governor, but when he announced his break, he blamed tribal politics for his inability to win the county’s top office.

“Despite the taunts and childish misinformation, you chose to support me even though I couldn’t speak Kikamba well. I’m going to be forever grateful for this. We did well; we defeated seasoned politicians at the polls and, by putting the needs of the populace first, we brought dread to the old order.

All is fair in love and battle, but we still suffered from the shortcomings of our institutions and the plague of tribal party politics. Now that the election has passed, all I can do is pray for the people in charge to act justly and meet the county’s development needs.

Despite the fact that he was a political novice, he congratulated Machakos residents for turning out in big numbers to vote for him.

As a result, Waita urged all prospective leaders in all walks of life to never waver in pursuing their unique beliefs.

“As the year comes to a close, I want to offer a very big thank you to the beautiful people of Machakos County for their support, prayers, and votes—all 129,181 of them. You provided this Mwangangi and Mary’s kid a chance to pitch Machakos on his ideas. Asante , ” He said.

“I want to encourage all the young Kenyans who aspire to leadership to follow their dreams and stick to their agendas. Do not let your dreams or the hopes of others you want to help be crushed by the fear of failing. He suggested adopting the value of courage of conviction.

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