Nyandarua: Man Beheads His Wife.

Kirima Village in Nyandarua County is in shock following reports that a man murdered his wife with a sharp axe.

The woman’s body suffered significant head wounds that were likely caused by an axe. According to reports, the suspect has a history of mental problems.

According to a neighbor named Ms. Ann Chege, the mother of four’s body was discovered in their bedroom. They believe she was murdered on Saturday evening.

“I was attracted by my neighbours who were mourning the death of my friend, I rushed to the scene and found her lifeless body. She was a nice person. I had spent the better part of Saturday with her. She appeared jovial. Her husband had also joined us and he appeared fine, but he has a history of mental illness,” said Ms Chege.

She declared that the disturbing episode was a first for the community and urged restraint as police looked into it.

According to Mr. Jimmy Mwangi, there is a possibility that the woman’s husband—who has since been detained—may have killed her with an axe.

“The two loved each other, we don’t know what might have led the husband to ‘commit’ such a crime. He loved his wife and I had seen them working together on their farm on Saturday,” said Mr Mwangi.

We don’t know what might have caused the spouse to ‘commit’ such a crime because the two loved one another. I had seen him and his wife working together on their farm on Saturday, and I knew he loved her,” remarked Mr. Mwangi.He

 Her body was taken to Ol Kalou town’s JM Memorial Hospital mortuary.

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