Nyamira: Man Dies After Alleged Police Beating

The late Franklin Mong’are’s homestead in Nyamiranga village in Borabu, Nyamira County, saw a grey cloud cover the sky.

Tearful friends and family traveled to the region to offer their condolences to the family of the 23-year-old who passed away under the assistant chief’s care under mysterious circumstances.

According to his family, the late Mong’are went to the administrator’s office to request the return of his seized motorcycle.

Mongare was reduced to a shell of broken bones and a smashed skull moments later, and he later passed away from his deadly wounds at the Tenwek Mission Hospital.

An eyewitness named Violet Kwamboka remarked, “Alisema nifungulie niende, nilikuwa na makosa gani? akamtoa hapo kwa room akamshika hivi akaamza kumpiga makofi, ndio huyo askari alipiga mlango teke ukafunguka

“Tarehe ishirini na saba saa mbili asubuhi nilipigiwa ripoti kuwa kijana wangu alikuwa amelazwa hospitalini…mtoto ameharibiwa skull sana haiwezi kurudiwa,” the deceased’s father, Moses Mong’are, said.

Jared Ongaga, the local administrator, has, however, refuted the charge and stated that he is unaware of the events leading up to the attack and subsequent death of Mong’are.

Human rights advocates condemned the act and demanded the arrest of the Assistant Chief and the accused officers.

A human rights advocate named Grace Osinde stated, “It’s unfortunate that the ones who are meant to be safeguarding us are the people who are going about killing our sons, brothers, and husbandsds.”

The deceased’s body is lying in the mortuary at Tenwek Mission Hospital while a postmortem is performed.

Mong’are left behind his wife and a six-month-old child.

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