Nyamira: Doctors Threatens To Strike Over Delayed Promotions

The county administration has until the end of March 2023 to promote and designate all the doctors who are eligible for promotions, or the medical specialists in Nyamira will resign.

Aggrey Orwenyo, Secretary-General of the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentist Union (KMPDU) Nyanza chapter, claimed that the majority of the medical professionals working in Nyamira County have not received any promotions in more than ten years.

He criticized the county government for ignoring the doctors in favor of elevating other county employees.

“We demand that the county elevate all doctors who are eligible for promotions, identify those doctors, and pay off all accrued arrears by the end of March 2023. If this is not done, all doctors working in Nyamira County will stop providing their services until they are assigned to the appropriate task groups, according to a statement released by Dr. Orwenyo on Monday.

“No medical specialist will provide their specialized services until such a time as they are positioned in their respective job groups through promotions and designations as per the Doctors Schemes of Service,” he continued.

The KMPDU Secetary General noted that the current medical workforce is overworked and understaffed, but added that more doctors are urgently needed in Nyamira County.

Orwenyo claims that because they weren’t promoted, the specialists have been providing care to inhabitants of Nyamira while being “unmotivated.”

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