NTV Kenya Shares a Cryptic Message Moments After Kenyans Lauded KBC

NTV has shared a post with a coded message to Kenyans just minutes after KBC shared a cryptic proverb.

In what seems to be a response to the Kenya Kwanza team and state owned station, NTV shared a quote by Martin Luther.

“Nothing good ever comes of violence,” says the post by NTV.

A few moments earlier KBC shared a proverb which says that he who digs a grave for his enemy might as well be digging a grave for himself.

Kenyans who supported and voted for William Ruto had started praising KBC following reports that it will cover Ruto’s swearing in on Tuesday.

KBC having exclusive rights to cover the official ceremony means that other media outlets will rely on them.

This has caused mixed reactions on social media; others in agreement while others in disagreement.

Some are arguing that the move will make KBC to be great and make good work of tax payers money.

Others however are arguing that the revenge on the likes of Citizen TV might lead to discrimination witnessed in Moi’s era.

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