Nine gunshots, one headshot, and a stolen car. Arshad Sharif, a murdered Pakistani journalist, final moments in Kenya

Top Pakistani journalist Arshad Shari was shot dead in Kenya on Sunday night, and the Kenya Police Service has now released information about his slaying.

According to a police statement released on Monday, Sharif was driving his brother Khurram Ahmed when they passed a police roadblock on the Kiserian-Magadi route and opened fire, instantly killing him.

According to the police report, “it was reported to Magadi police station via OB 14/23/10/2022 at 22.00hrs that along Kuenia farm/ Kamukuru marram a shooting incident involving GSU officers had occurred and one Pakistan national namely Arshad Mohammed Shariff aged 50 years had been fatally shot while being driven in a motor vehicle registration number KDG 200M along that road when the deceased and his brother Khurram Ahmed were driving back to Nairobi.”

The boy was later discovered in Kiserian’s Olosuritia ACK Church.

Khurram and his famed journalist brother Arshad Sharif were driving a completely different automobile along the Kuenia-Kamukuru rocky road in Magadi, Kajiado, when the horrific occurrence occurred.

“Before reaching the Kiserian-Magadi route, they saw the road blocked with tiny stones and chose to cross through them,” according to the police report.

“At that point, they heard gunshots fired from the front and back of their car.” They did not pause and continued on their route.”

Following the gunshots, Khurran contacted his buddy Naqar Ahmed, a Pakistani national who lives nearby and asked them to stop by his house.

“When he arrived at the main gate, he saw his brother had died from a gunshot wound to the head that had pierced from the rear of his skull and exited at the front side of his head,” police add.

“The stated car had a bullet hole on the left side of the windscreen on which the deceased was sitting, two bullet holes on the rear left back screen, one bullet hole on the rear right door, four holes on the right side of the boot, and one deplated front right tyre. The alleged Pakistani nationals claim to be developers who live in Nairobi. The scene was photographed, and the deceased was sent to Chiromo Mortuary for a postmortem.”

Police have since said that the case was a matter of “mistaken identity”.

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