NHIF To Be Rebranded To National Social Health Insurance Fund

To enable every Kenyan to have access to medical treatments across the nation under Universal Health Care, the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) will shortly be supplanted by the National Social Health Insurance Fund (NSHIF).

According to Wafula Nakhumicha, the cabinet secretary for health, the national government is currently seeking funding and will partner with organizations in a vigorous fundraising effort to raise billions of shillings. These funds will be used to enroll Kenyans in the new insurance fund so they can access medical care whenever they need it.

Speaking at the first-ever National Cancer Summit on Thursday, CS Nakhumicha said that cancer continues to be a significant hardship for millions of Kenyans.

According to the CS, the new insurance model will be comparable to organizing a national fundraising effort that assures every capable person or person contributes to the plan for the benefit of everyone else.

She compared the plan to gathering money via a social media platform or WhatsApp group and claimed that the government was combining various agencies to raise the necessary sums.

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