New twist emerges as 9 ex-SSU officers deny abducting three people.

Chief Inspector Peter Muthee, who has been accused of leading the squad that kidnapped Mohamed Zaid, Zulfiqar Ahmed, and Nicodemus Mwange, has refuted the allegations in a court-filed answering affidavit.

Additionally, Muthee has refuted claims that he discussed the abduction plan with his colleagues during that fateful night’s communications.

The Chief Inspector has stated that because he has never collaborated with other security agencies, he is not in a position to interfere with the ongoing investigation.

In addition, Muthee has contested his detention pending investigations as well as the request for a DNA sample, claiming that there is a chance that his DNA will be added to things found in Aberdare National Park.

The senior officer further asserts that his case is politically motivated because President William Ruto gave instructions regarding it during the celebrations for Mashujaa Day.

Francis Ndonye, who is believed to have been the driver of the Subaru that allegedly stopped the two Indians and their driver on July 23rd, has refuted the charges.

Ndonye asserts that between July 22 and July 24, he was off-duty and had gone to Makindu, Makueni County, to see his family.

He claims that he never participated in any operation involving the conception and carrying out of an abduction.

The investigation, according to Ndonye, appears to be targeting DCI officials, although the multi-agency operation includes officers from more than eight other security organizations.

The prosecutor’s request for a 30-day detention to allow for the completion of the case’s investigations has also been contested by the officer.

Ndonye also requests that the Internal Affairs Unit disclose to the court the two Indians’ nationality and the circumstances surrounding their presence in the nation before they vanished.

Another former SSU member, Joseph Mbugua, has also denied any involvement in the trio’s kidnapping, according to the claims made against him.

Additionally, Mbugua has criticized the Internal Affairs Unit for detaining him without first completing an inquiry.

John Mwangi, who is accused of being the driver of the car that took the two Indians and their driver to Aberdare National Park, where they are allegedly abandoned, asserts that the accusations are unfounded and that there is no evidence to back them up.

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