New Prices For Refilling Cooking Gas Cylinders in Kenya Finally Unveiled

Kenyans inhabiting distinguished local destinations will now be forced to dig deeper into their pockets in order refill cooking gas following an upsurge in the prices of refilling the cylinders.

According to a today’s publication by Tuko News, kenyans across the county will have to dish out Ksh 1,500 in a solemn quest to refill a 6 kilogram cooking gas cylinder.

This new market price of refilling a 6 Kilogram cylinder has gone by Ksh 600 compared to the Ksh 900 price it was retailing at previously.

Kenyans will now be forced to spend Ksh 3,300 in order to refill a 13 kilogram cylinder of cooking gas. This shows an increment of Ksh 300 in the cost of refilling a 13Kg cooking gas cylinder.

In order to refill a 35 Kilogram cooking gas cylinder, Kenyans will be forced to dish out Ksh 8,760. This depicts a Ksh 569 increment in refilling a 35Kg cooking gas cylinder when compared to how it has been retailing at previously, that is, Ksh 8,191.

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