New Police Chief Koome gives criminals a month to surrender firearms.

Japhet Koome, the newly appointed Inspector General of Police, has given criminals one month to turn in their unlawfully obtained firearms to the police.

On Monday, Koome encouraged the criminals terrorizing Kenyans in various regions of the nation to surrender their firearms before being dealt with.

The police chief claimed that they had developed a strong plan to stop the rise in crime in the city after spending a lengthy discussion with Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja.

“We decided to give these young individuals who are in possession of guns one month at our meeting. Give that gun you’re holding illegally over to the cops, Koome commanded.

“Our highly trained officers will deal with anybody is jeopardizing the peace of Kenyans.”

As one of their collaborative initiatives to combat vice, Koome and Sakaja jointly announced the creation of the County Policing Authority.

The National Police Service is failing Kenyans, according to a growing number of cases of rape, defilement, murder, shootings in broad daylight, and stabbings that generally go unpunished throughout the nation.

However, the IG disclaimed that a go-slow inside the service was to blame for the rise in crime.

Koome promised that things would not continue as usual, not even in the North Rift region, which is notorious for cattle rustling.

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