New Information on the “Stolen” Vehicle That Caused the Death of Pakistani Journalist Arshad Sharif

shot from a handgun [Photo | Courtesy]

Four General Service Unit (GSU) officers and one police officer have been questioned in connection with the strange death of Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif, who police claim was inadvertently shot dead while following a suspected stolen car in Kajiado County on Sunday night.

Even as the inquiry into the infamous murder reached its second day on Tuesday, more questions than answers about what happened to the famed journalist continue to surface.

A local daily has discovered that the alleged stolen vehicle that police were pursuing is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van with registration number KDJ 700F, while the one the Pakistani journalist was traveling in is a Toyota Landcruiser V8 with registration number KDJ 200M – two noticeably different car models.

Nobody knows how cops got a van mixed up with a Landcruiser.

Prior to the incident, a man named Douglas Wainaina is claimed to have told officers at Pangani Police Station that he had left his car in a parking lot in the Ngara area with his kid inside, but when he returned to the location, he couldn’t find it.

After tracing the car, authorities discovered it was in the Kiserian region of Kajiado County, leading them to notify their counterparts.

Later, the Pakistani journalist was murdered by a hail of bullets fired by GSU cops who had set up a roadblock in pursuit of the purported stolen automobile.

GSU cops fired nine rounds at the Toyota Landcruiser in which the journalist was traveling with his brother, who was driving, in what authorities called a case of mistaken identification.

In an unexpected change of events, the car being pursued was eventually discovered by police at a Kiserian gas station, with Mr. Wainaina’s 26-year-old son Duncan behind the wheel.

The son was produced in court on Tuesday for driving without a license, but his father, who was the complainant, dismissed the case through lawyer Elisha Ndemo.

Meanwhile, Sharif’s remains was flown to Pakistan for burial, with his family demanding justice.

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