NCA: Building That Collapsed In Kasarani Was Not Compliant.

7-storey building collapses at Seasons area in Kasarani, Nairobi. [PHOTO| COURTESY]

According to the National Construction Authority (NCA), the seven-story structure that collapsed on Tuesday in the Kasarani neighborhood was not up to code.
The structure had just been inspected by NCA officials a short time before it fell on November 15, 2.20 PM.

When our officers inspected, work was still being done when a problem with the columns was found. During a press conference on November 16, the NCA stated that the facility was not compliant and that arrests had been made.

The Authority reported that it had detained three people related to the project and that, at the time of the inspection, there was no registered builder present.

“We have conducted earlier warnings and increased surveillance.”

Three out of every ten structures in Nairobi that are now under construction have been determined to be non-compliant, according to NCA.

To prevent such occurrences, developers have been urged to adhere to the regulations and follow construction guidelines.

Authorities reported on Tuesday night that two individuals had died as a result of the Seasons area building collapse in Kasarani, Nairobi.

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